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Why Won’t My House Sell?

It can be upsetting and frustrating if you want to move home quickly, but you don’t get any realistic offers. Or worse still, you don’t get any offers at all! This can be particularly stressful you’re facing your home getting repossessed or you’re facing redundancy yourself. How long your property takes to sell also depends on a lot of other different factors. So, if you’re asking, ‘why won’t my house sell?’, the answer could well be below.

How long should it take to sell a house?

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The answer to that can vary from place to place, or even from street to street in the area where you live. Some locations and types of property are more popular than others. Which clearly effects whether houses are “snapped up” or sit on the market for months or even years.

Realistic pricing

Some of the speed of your house sale depends on the price you set for your property. Also, your expectations for meeting that price. Are you asking above the market value for similar houses? Are you prepared to accept a lower offer?

On the other hand, your house will sell quickly if you’re in a big hurry and you’re happy to take a lot less than it’s worth. That’s not always possible or advisable.

Location, location, location

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do if you’re trying to sell a house that’s in an unpopular location. These days potential buyers are very cautious. They want to be sure that your property is not just a home, but also a long-term investment. If they’re concerned about the local area – and the potential for property prices to stay the same or even fall – they may not even come to view it.

Even areas that were once considered “up and coming” can go out of fashion. If your home is next to something really ugly, or something that could cause noise pollution like a car park or a factory, that may also be a problem. Or, you may be struggling to sell a family home near a busy road. All of these factors can seriously reduce the chances of selling your property quickly.

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It could even be something less obvious that puts people off. For instance, smells from a nearby takeaway or an aggressive dog next door. In the long run, you can’t control any of these things when selling your house.

Is your property type “in” or “out”?

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Selling your house could also be hard and take longer if it’s slightly quirky or out of step with what people want and the local property market in general. For example, do you have a one-bedroom property in an area which is popular as a place for families to live? Or, are you trying to sell a large old house in an area where they are lots of new property developments?

Also, have you got your house sale price at a level that matches the other properties locally, and what your type of buyer is prepared to pay? It could take a lot longer to sell if there are lots of other properties for sale in your area that are better value for money.

Have you got your house ready to sell, properly?

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It could be that you’ve had lots of viewings only to find that nobody makes an offer for your house. What is putting them off after they showed that initial interest?

Often the answer comes from the amount of work and investment needed to get a house ready to put it on the market. First impressions count for a great deal when buying a home. For example, you could put a potential buyer off before they even get to your front door. It could be that your garden is a mess or your front fence is broken. Did they trip on your path or find your house hard to see behind lots of overgrown bushes?

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The person viewing your house may think that if you can’t be bothered to keep the outside tidy, you have probably neglected repairs inside too. Even if you have an immaculate garden in front of your property, the small details inside could stop your house from selling. To prepare your home to sell, you need to look at it from a first-time visitor’s point of view.tired old kitchen - UK Property Cash Buyers

The sort of things that could be a problem include: the hall needs redecorating; the kitchen is old-fashioned; the double-glazing is full of condensation; or there are water stains on the ceiling. There’s a long list of potential internal issues that could prevent your prospective buyer from making an offer. And that is before the official survey is done. A professional building surveyor looks behind all your efforts to make your home look good. They may give a long list of costly problems and issues that can drag out the house sale.

In fact, you may have to spend tens of thousands of pounds to sort out structural problems, just to sell your house. This can make it a money pit, which is the last thing you need when you are already facing the expensive prospect of moving to a new home.

Are viewings a dream or a nightmare?

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If you do decide to pull out all the stops and get your property looking amazing before you put it on the market, there could still be problems with how it looks. There can be some awful moments when prospective buyers come to view your house. You will be able to tell by their body language or questions that they are not impressed. They may even be rude to you about your home or leave without seeing the whole property.

This could be because of a number of things. This includes some of the issues mentioned above. But also, when home buying, people expect to see a clean, tidy and calm environment. Keeping your house looking at its best can be a huge drain on your time and patience, especially if it’s a family home.

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You may also have to face up to viewings at odd or inconvenient times. If you’re keen to sell your property, and a potential buyer asks to see it late one evening or first thing on a Sunday morning, then the answer has to be “yes”. That means you will need to quickly tidy up and shuffle clutter, kids and pets out of the way.

As mentioned, the house may sit on the market longer than expected, meaning you must live an uncomfortable life, keeping every room spotless and agreeing to disruptive viewings. You may also be experiencing viewings from potential buyers with unrealistic expectations. If the price of your property is too high or it’s being “over sold” by your estate agent, your property viewers could be disappointed by what they see through no fault of your own.

How hard is your estate agent working?

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Another possible reason why you might be left wondering ‘why won’t my house sell?’, is that it’s not being promoted effectively. So, if you are asking yourself “Why won’t my property sell?” you may need to direct that question to the people you’ve appointed to provide a professional service.

It could be that the marketing price you have agreed with your estate agency doesn’t match the marketing efforts they are delivering. Are the property details attractive and easy to read? Is there a diagram of the room layouts? Also, it’s often valuable to include a reference to its potential for a loft conversation or some other extension.

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Photographs are important to avoid a house sale that takes a long time. You need to be sure that pictures of your home show it off to best advantage. Do they show the rooms and exterior in an appealing way?

Some of the responsibility for this lies with you. You need to do a lot of preparation before the photographer arrives, so they don’t face an impossible task to make your property look good. Also, has your home been added to enough selling websites, in a way that draws attention to it? It’s helpful if your property details are displayed in a high street estate agency office too for visitors to pick up.

Why won’t my house sell?

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Another thing to look out for is if local properties for sale near you are being sold using virtual tours and 360-degree photographs. You may need to pay for the same thing to sell your house. Then, of course, there are the harder to measure issues that can slow down your house sale. Such as, when potential buyers contact your estate agent, are they getting good customer service?

If enquiries are dealt with inefficiently, selling your property will be an uphill struggle. Or, if your estate agent is not working hard for you and being positive.

The solution to a house that won’t sell

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There is good news for homeowners who are struggling to sell their house and wondering ‘why won’t my house sell?’. UK Property Cash Buyers can move the whole process along swiftly, with the minimum of effort from you. Our pre-approved experts can pay cash for properties, even if they are in hard to sell locations or in need of modernisation and repair. Now that really is a good idea!

There is no need to spend weeks upgrading, decluttering and tidying your house, or months keeping on top of it for viewings. This is the ultimate quick house sale option. It also comes with a fair price, from experts you can trust. If you’re interested in selling your home quickly for cash, simply arrange for a no-obligation, no-cost consultation.

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