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What’s the Best Way to Find Fast House Buyers?



There are many routes open to you when selling your home on the open market, for example, here at UK PCB we buy any house. Some of these will promise to help you sell house fast. But is that the case? We explore some of the easiest ways to get a great price for your property. Your choice is important if you want to sell your house quickly, so how do you find fast house buyers?

First, let’s explore the traditional ways of finding a house buyer. You can hire an estate agent to take on the sale of your property and advertise it locally. If the house sells, your agent will then take a cut of the sale price. Consumer group Which? says the average estate agent fee is around 1.8% of the total sale price. The exact amount of these fees will vary between agents. It could be as low as 0.75% or reach up as far as 3.5% depending on who you choose.

This means that if you sold your house for £250,000, you would pay your agent £4,500 in fees from your property sale. Then you add VAT of 20% on top. You’ll also have had to pay for a structural survey and found professional services to help you move. It’s an expensive process. There are also legal fees to add to your bills.

There are other fees you also need to pay. Check if you must pay your estate agent extra for advertising costs, or preparing the details and photographs of the house. Some agents will even charge for the ‘for sale’ board outside your home.

These costs are on top of the money you spend in the run-up to getting the house on the market. That might include refreshing indoor or outdoor areas. This all adds to your bill for moving home.

House buyers take their time

An average UK house sale takes two to three months, shows recent data. While some homes get an offer from fast house buyers in a week, others wait months or even years. The average property takes 91 days to sell, says Post Office Money Mortgages. That figure can vary between different cities and types of house. Remember, estate agents can never guarantee a quick house sale. Or that they will find the right house buyer for you.

Auction houses can sell fast

a property auction in full swing

The next option is to have an auction house sell your property. Auctions work by adding your home to a list of available properties in the catalogue for the next sale. Then interested parties try to outbid each other on sale day to be your home’s next owner. This can drive up the price of an attractive property. It can also drive down the price on a bad day.

Auctions can be an efficient and effective process, But, not all house buyers like the auction environment. The competitive nature of the bidding process puts some people off. There’s also paperwork involved in this route. Potential bidders must register to attend an auction and some house buyers don’t like it. We think buying a house should be much simpler.

There’s also no guarantee your property will sell at auction at a price you’re happy with. It might not even sell at all. The latest market data from mortgage lenders shows only modest rises in prices offered by house buyers. If you don’t get the price you want at auction, you must relist it and pay again. That’s a difficult step if you need the free cash to buy your next home. This means that although auctions look attractive they are a bit of a gamble. And you don’t save a lot of money for your gamble

Auctioneer’s fees are not much better than those of estate agents. And unlike estate agents, you pay the auctioneer whether you find fast house buyers or not. It’s also worth remembering that there is a quite a long lead time. People naturally want the opportunity to research the properties on the books before bidding.

This could make it around two months before your house gets to the saleroom. And even then, you can never be certain it will catch the interest of the people in the room on the day. Once you have a successful bidder there is still paperwork to be completed. It is possible you’ll need to cover extra legal fees. A solicitor might have to accompany you to the saleroom.

How can I find fast house buyers?

What are the other options for finding credible fast house buyers without delay? There is a third way to sell your home. It’s quick. There is minimal paperwork. It’s guaranteed to get some interest in purchasing your property.

We offer a property buying service where you get a genuine cash buyer quickly. Our network of property experts offers fast appointments, quick processing and guaranteed cash sales for old and new homes. As property cash buyers, when making a cash offer, our property experts don’t follow the long process of an estate-agent driven sale. You get the house buyer you want and a quick pay-out.

We can do that because we work on a much faster completion time than traditional sales. If you need to complete in a week – or by a certain date – we can accommodate that. The process can take as little as a few days. You also don’t have to worry about fees for the legal paperwork and searches.

Once you have your easy cash buyer you just need to sit back watch the cash land in your bank. It’s easy, free and there’s no obligation after the initial quote.

Is a cash house buyer right for me?

A cash buyer can help manage situations where you need to:
– Avoid repossession or deal with other urgent financial issues
– Sell on a property you’ve inherited
– Quickly move to a new home for health reasons
– Sell to explore ways to make passive income from investments
– Easily settle the financial side of a divorce
– Arrange your affairs before relocating
– Find a house buyer for a difficult property, for example, where there is a flooding risk

Don’t delay. We offer free and no obligation property consultations. There no drawbacks to contacting us and seeing what’s on offer. Get in touch and get your free cash offer now. This time next week you could have sold your house. What are you waiting for?

Can UK PCB Help Me Find the Right House Buyer?

Finding the right house buyer can often be the most difficult and most important part of selling your home. That is one of the reasons UK PCB will never charge for a property consultation with one of our pre-approved experts. Contact us today so see how we can help you sell easily and quickly without the worries of your sale falling through!

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If you’re looking for a fast sale, we can help you out. No matter what the condition of your property is in, or how fast you need to move on, contact us today, free of charge, with no obligations. UK PCB takes care of it all!

Can UK Property Cash Buyers Find the right House Buyers for Me?

When our buyers buy a house for cash there are no chains, no hidden fees and no surprises. We observe the rules of the Property Ombudsman and all our buyers are proud members of the National Association of Property Buyers. We’re happy to have already helped hundreds of people to get the offer they need from a quality house buyer.

No matter whether your house is a little rough round the edges, or you’re just looking to see what options are out there, get in touch today to see how one of our experts can help you sell your house the easy way.

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