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Top tips to reduce viewings when selling a house



Top tips to reduce viewings when selling a house

Top tips to reduce viewings when selling a house

Research now suggests it can take on average 15 viewings to sell a property. Every homeowner hopes for a speedy and stress-free property sale, but with so many properties on the market, it can be hard to make sure yours stand out to potential buyers and sell a house fast. Here are some of our top tips to reduce the number of viewings when selling your property:

Always look with the buyer’s eyes

The first of our top tips to reduce viewings when selling a house is a simple one. It’s easy to assume that once you have tidied your property for your estate agent’s photos, the hard work is done. Remember, when a potential buyer views a property for the first time, they expect it to reflect the photos they will have seen first.

It can feel like a chore constantly tidying up and preparing for viewings when life is busy, but when selling your home, making a small effort for each viewing will make a huge difference. Make time to run your hoover round, tidy away clutter and make the beds. Don’t forget the garden or driveway space too; make sure they are tidy and the wheelie bins are put away. These touches will help ensure your property is always at its best for every viewing.

Before each viewing, do a walk around of your property through the eyes of a prospective buyer and be objective and honest to make sure you haven’t missed anything obvious that could put a buyer off.

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Make sure your pricing is fair

Of course, we all value our homes, but it’s important to be realistic when selling a property. Look at house prices for similar properties on the market in your area and make sure you check what their final sale price was, as well as what they were listed for. Remember location is also everything, so a house in the North West may sell for a very different price to a similar house in the South East! Follow and trust your estate agent’s advice too, they are experts in the UK property market and will be keen to sell your property hassle-free and at a good price.

Shout out your key features!

Make sure potential buyers know all the unique features your property offers when they come for a viewing. Perhaps you are one of the few houses in the street with a garage, a large garden or the only detached property on your street, so make sure features like this are highlighted. Consider the potential your property has too, so prospective buyers can visualise what they could do to put their mark on their new home and add value in the long term, be it a loft conversion or an open plan living space.

How UK PCB can help

The average number of viewings can always vary wildly in traditional sales, even with these top tips to reduce viewings when selling a house. But we can always help you find a buyer and get a sale agreed quickly. We can provide an instant offer for your property and if you are happy, we can then complete in just seven days! To find out more about how we can help you sell your home, contact us today for a no-obligation, free valuation.

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