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Tips for Selling Your Home

As a sell house fast company, we’ve decided to put together these tips for selling your home.

Knowing how to sell your home is important because selling can be a time consuming and stressful experience. Dealing with indecisive buyers, officious banks and legal red tape often stretches the process out over months or even years. It’s no wonder, then, that more and more UK homeowners are looking for a way to sell their properties quickly. This, however, raises a question: how do I sell my house online fast?

Here at UK PCB, we specialise in putting homeowners in touch with cash buyers that have the means to buy a house straight away. We pride ourselves in ensuring all quick house sales are executed in the most secure and professional manner. That’s why we’ve put together this list of tips for selling your home.

Tips for selling your home

Firstly, the best way to sell your home fast is to sell through one of our property cash buyers. This will be infinitely easier that trying to impress any potential buyer from the first moment they come to view your property. A cash buyer will only be interested in defects in the property that may devalue it. Whilst defects won’t stop the sale going through, they may affect the value of the property. At UK PCB, we buy any property!

If you choose the traditional route of going through estate agents, you’ll have a lot more to consider. Look at the exterior of your property with a critical approach. Ignore any sentimental attachment to your home and impartially scan for anything that might put a buyer off. Anything from a cracked driveway to a bent water pipe. It can be crucial to invest time and money to guarantee your first impression encourages a quick purchase. Here are some tips for selling your home fast when going the conventional route.

Sell your home at the right time

When going through estate agents, instead of asking ‘how to sell my home fast’ you may want to ask yourself ‘when can I sell my home.’ The property market moves slower at certain times of the year compared to others. For example, while you usually see an increase of property trading in the spring, winter and autumn usually sees a drop in the number of homes being bought and sold.

Listing your home in early March would mean you’re open for business at the best time of year, even though this means entering into a more competitive market of traditional sales.

Hire a photographer for your home

When selling through estate agents, if you really want your home to stand out, it may be worth hiring a professional photographer. While this may be costly, going that extra mile will pay dividends. Especially as your property listing will be the first thing a potential buyer will see.

If the images are the work of a trained, professional photographer, who uses a high-quality camera as well as being adept at Photoshop, it will make a far bigger impact on your listing and set you out from the pack. Their pictures will take far more into consideration. Such as issues that you may not be aware of when photographing your property’s exterior.

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Can the buyers picture themselves in your home?

People wanting to go through the traditional route are again going to need to take note of this tip. Remember that selling your house to a cash buyer means you don’t have to worry about whether you can sell your house fast or not! This tip requires you to separate your emotional attachment to you home from your desire for a quick sale. In our many years of buying and selling homes for cash, we’ve seen that the main factor missing from houses that weren’t selling was for budding buyers to ‘see themselves’ in the property.

To combat this, it’s best to give your viewers a blank slate. Of course, selling your house to a cash buyer would mean forgetting about what impression you make. Not to mention the costs and time taken getting your home to a showroom standard.

More often than not, buyers choose a property that they can easily envision being their own. They can picture eating breakfast in the kitchen, playing football with their kids in the back garden or even taking a shower in the bathroom. On the other hand, buyers often decide against  purchasing when, regardless of the value of the house, they just can’t envisage living their lives in it.

Get help from property experts

UK PCB know how to sell your home fast, even in a slow market. In fact, selling through us also often saves people from making common mistakes that can see a property stay on the market for far too long.

Involving estate agencies will often slow the process while driving up your costs. Especially when you consider their fees as well as money spent on prepping your home. You can really save a lot of time and money by getting the backing of a property cash buyer.

Want to know more about how to sell your home sooner rather than later? Or simply want more tips for selling your home? Then get in touch with one of our team today. Our unparalleled expertise in the market will ensure you get the best deal in the fastest possible time.

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