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The Best Advice for Selling a Home in Autumn or Winter



The Best Advice for Selling a Home in Autumn or Winter

As a property owner, it stands to reason you want to make the best possible transaction no matter what time of year you sell your home. While at first glance it may seem unwise to sell a property during the “off-season,” with some clever strategies you can actually turn the time of year to your advantage. Here is important advice for ensuring your home sale is successful.

Benefits of the Season

While spring and summer are traditionally considered advantageous times of year to sell a property, selling your home during the fall or winter months offers particular benefits. To begin, those looking to purchase a home during the off-season tend to be serious buyers, so you can weed out those who are viewing properties out of curiosity or who will dally in their decision-making. There are also fewer properties available to those who intend to purchase, so you can capitalize on the market. Less competition means a properly presented home that can catch the eye of those house hunters who are ready to buy.  

Make Repairs

When cold weather is looming, heat tends to be on the minds of prospective home buyers. With that in mind, some experts recommend paying special attention to preventative maintenance. Ensure your furnace is serviced and the filters are fresh, and replace any worn weather stripping. As Redfin notes, it’s also in your best interest to make any minor repairs your home might require. Inspect the premises for anything worn or broken, and if fixing it is beyond your abilities, hire a handyman to complete the job for you. Also, be sure to keep your pavement, porch, and driveway free of leaves, snow, and ice.  

Embrace the Season

How you prepare your property for sale is more than repairs. It also extends to your home’s cleanliness and decor, and as the Guardian explains, it will behoove you to make preparations so you can show your home day and night, whether you expect to be present or not. Give your home a deep, thorough cleaning, and reduce clutter by removing all unnecessary personal belongings to help give a pleasant, open, and tidy appearance. Display some tasteful and restrained seasonal elements, such as a woolen blanket and a tidy stack of firewood. Think in terms of cozy, comfortable, and classic decor.

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Another suggestion is to light any fires you can, and put on some enjoyable and appropriate music to encourage the homely atmosphere. Take some cues from the outdoors and offer seasonal scents and colours throughout the home. You can even take your decor to your property’s exterior, offering a seating area with fire, substantial quilts, and a snug place to lounge. Helping prospective buyers feel at home and welcome can go a long way toward encouraging them to think of themselves living in the space.  

Think Bright and Cheerful

One of the difficulties with selling a home in the darker months of the year is the reduced amount of sunlight available. Some experts suggest turning all the lights on throughout your home when prospective buyers visit, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. To counteract any dreariness, consider adding additional lights, especially in dim corners and outdoors. Particularly consider lighting around your entryway and walkways, so buyers feel they can navigate comfortably to and from the home. Outside, cut back any trees or shrubbery that are overhanging your home and contributing to a shadowy interior. If altering your landscaping leads to stumps, one recommendation is to put mulch over the areas.  

Selling a home in the fall or winter months can be a boon, so long as you prepare properly. Ensure your home is ready for buyers, and help them to feel at ease in the surroundings. Your well-chosen efforts are sure to pay off with a successful sale.  

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