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Selling a House Using the Internet in 2018



Selling a home or property online:

With the rise of digital business, it will come as no surprise to you that real estate has now set a strong presence online. A house can be sold online in several ways. There are quick property buying companies, online estate agents, and even eBay to name a few. There is a lot to take in and lot to learn if you are considering selling a house using the internet or you’re about to help somebody sell a property then this article is for you.

We will conclude with the best way to sell your house.

Selling a home to a Sell House Fast company.


These companies offer you a quick cash home sale for slightly less than market value. The cash value should range between 75% and 95% of the current market value. (if you are considering selling a house quickly then you should talk to UK Property Cash Buyers first)
Selling a property to a property cash buyer has many benefits and a few cons.

The pros

Quick sale
No chance of the deal falling through
The money is paid directly to your bank
Ability to forward plan your move
No estate agents
No hidden fees
No viewings
No legal stuff to deal with (a cash buyer will take care of all the legal work)

The cons

10-20% less than market value paid
Sometimes hard to find a genuine cash buyer

The quick house sale option verdict.

There aren’t many cons to mention in our opinion.

We talk to a lot of people on a daily basis who are considering selling a house for cash.
We always ask the same questions first.

The question we ask is:

“Will the quick house sale be more beneficial to your situation right now rather than waiting for the average 5-6 months sale time on the traditional market?”

The above question is sometimes speedy to be answered and sometimes takes some thought. So we, as a responsible agency working in the Property Market urge readers to think about that question before making any calls or inquiries. You can also speak to us here to get a better understanding of the cash buying process. There are plenty of step by step guides to selling house fast.

Sale of a Property Using Online Estate Agents


With the rise of the internet came the change in the wind for the way companies, such as real estate agencies approach their business.
You may well have already come across a few large online estate organisations such as Purple Bricks.
Purple Bricks are a modern approach to selling a house using the internet without the need of traditional estate agents.

The online estate agent option works very well for a lot of people.


Simple service to get set up with (generally will provide a free consultation with a local expert).
Professional property photos and edited to a high standard.
Professional write up of your property to insight interest.
Your property will be listed on all popular property portals such as Right Move and Zoopla.


Upfront set up fee is expensive.
Valuation can be set very high; you need to know and understand how much your property is worth.
There is no guaranteed sale.

The verdict on using online estate agents

The online estate agent option is ideal for people selling a house using the internet who are not in a rush and have a little understanding on how the property market is working in 2017.
The upfront fees can seem a little steep but the service you get is excellent value for money when you take into consideration you have a large company pushing as hard as they can to get the sale of your house complete, at the end of the day the company has a reputation to protect.
With the online estate agent companies being such a new venture you can bet safely on them working extra hard to prove their worth and stand up to their marketing claims.

Traditional High Street Estate Agents


Traditional estate agents are still an option believe it or not, yep they are still there on the high street ready to get to work on your, and their behalf to get your house sold for the most amount of money possible.
The reason why the high street estate agent will push for the most amount of money rather than time is the fact that they earn a commission on the sale. This is not something you need to worry about when selling a house using the internet.

This commission based structure is old fashioned and unfavoured by many people due to estate agents over pricing houses.
The over pricing of houses and flats is very common in the UK and has been for a long time. It creates unrealistic expectations; it means your house or home is very likely to be sat on the property market with that ugly for sale sign stuck to the front of your house or planted in your garden.

The traditional estate agent is still the first and only option for a lot of people due to simply not knowing the other options are available.
Another reason why people choose a high street estate agent is due to some articles you will read online that spin a negative light on other home sale methods.

You may have guessed by this point that we are not too favorable of the high street estate agent, none the less the following is our list of pros and cons for this property sale option.


Familiar route to a house sale
Deal with a real person face to face


lots of hidden fees
Large commission fee to pay
Agents will overprice the house
For sale sign
Months of viewings
Lots and lots of paper work and legal dealings to think about
4-6 month sale time typical in the UK at time of writing this
Sales are frequently tied up in chains
Significant chance of agreed sales to fall through
Very confusing process


We have covered of the three top routes to selling a property in the UK.

The conclusion is simple. If you have time to wait for the sale to be complete and can afford the upfront cost then choose to go with an online estates agent such as Purple Bricks or House Simple. Do your homework and look up recent house sale prices in your area within that last few years if possible.  Tech savvy consumers do property buying homework as much as they do when buying a car.

If you want a quick, safe, simple and guaranteed home sale, then speak to UK Property Cash Buyers who can source you a fast cash house sale.
If you decide to look for a property cash buyer then always make sure that buyer meets UK Property Cash Buyers standards when selling a house using the internet.

If you are uncomfortable with selling a house using the internet for a house sale, then look for a traditional agent. Ask about all the hidden fees, ask for their commission structure and do your homework on home prices in your area.

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