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26th January 2018

Property Price Advice - UK Property Cash Buyers

Trying to find an accurate way of valuing your house can be tricky, let UK PCB explain why and what we can do to help

Valuing your house can be something of a black art, with no real basis for comparison between homes on the same street – never mind on other sides of the country. Estate agents often claim to be able to give you a ‘realistic’ valuation for your house when you put it on the market, but in reality they are just basing the value of your house on what they think the market can bear. If your house is a three-bed semi-detached in Walthamstow, they’ll compare it with recent sold house prices for similar properties in the area and base its value on that figure. With this in mind it’s no wonder people are left searching for some honest property price advice.

Property Price Advice

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This comes with a couple of problems. Firstly, it’s very dependent on the state of the market at the time. Through no fault of your own, you could be caught in a house price dip that might only be affecting your area and that’s nothing to do with your house or anything that you have done. Whether it’s a big local employer relocating or a local school closing, this could end up making your estate agent seriously lower the asking price, or it could delay your sale by months. At UK Property Cash Buyers, we don’t think that’s fair.

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Secondly, buying and selling through an estate agent exposes you to price advice that’s motivated by more than just your sale. Estate agents are pressured by the business needs of the company they work for, and can price houses accordingly. If there’s a glut of property in the market and there’s no hurry to sell, the agent may raise their estimate of your property price so that they get as much money for it (and a higher commission) as possible. This can result in you getting more money but at the cost of waiting longer to sell your property. At UK Property Cash Buyers, we realise that the sale value isn’t the only reason for selling a house, and we don’t believe in holding you hostage with an artificially high price.

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Similarly, if the market is weak, the agent may be pressured to make quick sales to keep the commission flowing to their employer. In order to achieve this, they may place the price deliberately low to get the sale done and dusted. While you might want a quick sale, there’s no guarantee how low the agent will price the house, and you’ll still have to pay agent’s fees and solicitor’s fees, and conduct repairs and improvements to make the sale – all of which come off your home’s value.

The Price of Hidden Costs

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These ‘hidden costs’ when buying a house through an estate agent can mount up and should be considered when trying to value your house. While you may have an optimistic figure, don’t forget that you should subtract any number of costs from that figure to get your property’s true value – including solicitor’s fees, your mortgage payments while the sale goes through, your bills etc. With all this added on, your true valuation can seem a great deal less hopeful. By getting property price advice from UK Property Cash Buyers, you’ll get a much more realistic appraisal of what your house is worth, you can complete the sale in as little as a week, and best of all, your consultation is free.

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We’re cash buyers, and as a result we don’t have to go through some of the strenuous procedures that an estate agent would, and we don’t have any of the hindrances such as an onward chain or mortgage. We’re not pushy estate agents with an agenda, and we’re completely on your side, so you can expect a free and honest valuation from one of our professional surveyors. We also deal with the legal side, so you can be sure that the pressure is off once you’ve chosen us – offering full support from offer to completion. Even if you just want a chat, a check or a valuation to let you know where you stand with your property, get in touch and we can take a look at giving you some property price advice. You’re under no obligation to sell, and our friendly and frank team will do their best to help you.

What is My Property Value?

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If you do decide to sell, we can go from the valuation to the exchange in as few as 7 days, or we can be extremely flexible if you need a little longer. You’ll get a guaranteed offer, and you can forget about the potential complications such as a chain or solicitors’ fees – we can make them all disappear. To get started, to book a free valuation, or just to look at your options – fill in our form or give us a call on 0800 044 5336.

We buy any house regardless of condition or location. If you are looking for a trustworthy property company then contact UK Property Cash Buyers today for a hassle free quote for any house.

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