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How to price a house to sell quickly

How to price a house to sell quickly

While many sellers don’t mind letting a property sit on the market for a long time if it gets the best price, many property owners – particularly those who find themselves in a chain – are keen to make a fast sale. Knowing how to price a house to sell quickly isn’t easy. Selling a property can be stressful at the best of times, but trying to sell your house fast adds so much extra pressure. Here’s our handy guide to pricing your home for a quick property sale.

Undercut the local house prices

Pricing your house for a fast sale obviously means selling at a bargain price – but you shouldn’t have to go too low. Get multiple quotes from local estate agents; search the land registry; and research the sold price of similar local properties to get a feeling for the value of your house – then undercut this. And don’t forget that what really sells a house isn’t price, it’s value. So spruce it up, tidy, and be the best salesperson you can for viewings.

Offer a discount for cash buyers

Make it clear that you’ll accept a lower offer from potential buyers who don’t need a mortgage. This should encourage prospective buyers who are in a position to buy fast to make an offer, and from there the choice is yours on whether or not to take it. House sales to cash buyers are usually completed much faster, and this can be perfect if you’re on a deadline to move or you’re in a chain, but the price must be right.

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Consider sealed bids

If you’re reluctant to price your home at a rate lower than its value but you’re still set on a quick house sale, ask your estate agent about selling your home via sealed bids. This encourages buyers to make their best sales price offers – sometimes offering well over the asking price if they’re really determined to buy your property – and you can set a closing date to hurry people along a bit. Bear in mind this won’t guarantee you high bids, but you also don’t have to accept any of the bids you receive. House buying can be just as stressful as selling, so this method can often push people into action.

How to price a house to sell quickly

If you’re struggling to find a fast sale, or you’re unsure what constitutes a good offer on your home, call us today. We can offer you a free, no obligation offer on your home. No matter what the condition of the property, we can help you out.

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