Estate agent fees for selling a house

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6th July 2020

Estate agent fees for selling a house - UK Property Cash Buyers

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Along with the dreaded stamp duty, estate agent fees can be one of the most expensive aspects of moving house. So if you’re looking for a fast and easy sale, without expensive selling fees, what are your options?

How much are estate agents fees?

In England and Wales, when you’re selling your home, the costs of selling via an estate agent are generally measured as a percentage of the selling price, and include vat.

There is no universal figure, but average estate agents fees range from around 1 per cent of the selling price to around per cent. Of course, this means that, the more you sell your house for, the more it costs you to sell it. In fact, in the UK in 2019, the average fee for selling your property was around £2,000.

High street versus online

High street estate agents do offer the advantage of local knowledge, meaning it can be useful to use a local agent when seeking potential buyers, but the higher fees this often entails may put you off.

When it comes to selling your home, you could also choose an online estate agent. These will often charge a flat, fixed fee rather than a commission-based one, so will be cheaper. The downside is that they are less incentivised to achieve a good price for your house, and may lack the local knowledge of a high-street operation.

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Yet another way of reducing the amount estate agents charge is to enter into sole agency contracts – this often means you will get a better deal when trying to sell your house, but your property may be marketed less effectively as fewer prospective buyers will see it.

There is another way…

So while estate agents can provide a valuable service, they are both time-consuming and expensive to engage. Yet if you want to be sure you can find a buyer with no cost and no hassle, then you should get a free, no-obligation valuation from UK Property Cash Buyers.

Estate agent fees for selling a house

Unlike an expensive online estate agent, our service will cost you nothing, plus it guarantees you an instant offer for your home. If you’re happy with the price we offer you, we can then complete the transaction within a week – not something you’re likely to achieve with even the fastest estate agents.

We buy any house regardless of condition or location. If you are looking for a trustworthy property company then contact UK Property Cash Buyers today for a hassle free quote for any house.

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