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Do I need a solicitor to sell my house?



Do I need a solicitor to sell my house?

When you’re buying or selling a house the costs can really add up. So it’s no wonder people find themselves asking “Do I need a solicitor to sell a house?”. Bringing in the professional services of a solicitor can easily add anywhere between £500-£1,800. Given the costs of getting a fast sale, it’s not surprising that many people consider carrying out the conveyancing process themselves. It’s certainly possible to complete the transaction without a solicitor, but it can create extra work at a time when there’s already lots to think about. So what are the alternatives to a solicitor when you’re selling your house?

A licensed conveyancer

A licensed conveyancer is a cheaper option than using a solicitor. Unlike solicitors they can act on behalf of both the vendor and the buyer, they’re not required to disclose any referral fees they may receive from an estate agent or similar, and they rarely work in multidisciplinary firms where they can draw on legal advice from other specialists. They are generally cheaper than a solicitor, but usually not by much.

DIY conveyancing

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If you opt to take care of the conveyancing yourself there’s an awful lot to think about. You’ll have to obtain the title deeds, request a mortgage settlement figure, prepare and distribute a contract, hand the exchange of contracts, inform the land registry, act as the recipient of the house deposit, pay off the remainder of the mortgage and hand over the property deeds. And that’s not everything.

If you’re selling a leasehold property, then the owner of the freehold may insist you use a solicitor. Even if they don’t, the complexities of selling a leasehold property in England and Wales make it a difficult task. If you make mistakes in the process, you’re unlikely to be insured which could mean you become liable for legal and court fees. Because of the scale and complexity of the task, few people feel confident enough to carry out their own conveyancing.

Are there any other alternatives?

When you opt to sell your house to one of UK PCB’s accredited cash buyers, you can complete the whole transaction within 7 days. One of our approved solicitors will help finalise the deal, take care of all the legal details and remove any pressure in the completion and exchange of contracts.

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