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Do I need a lawyer to sell my house privately?



Do I need a lawyer to sell my house privately?

Do I need a lawyer to sell my house privately?

If you’re looking to complete a house sale, do you need the services of a lawyer or solicitor? The simple answer is no, you don’t need a solicitor or other legal professional to sell your home privately. Selling your home is so much easier when you use an online estate agent compared with one on the high street, and depending on which one you choose they can deal with the legal work required too.

So, if you’re selling your house, avoiding dealing with a solicitor might be a good idea! Here’s why.

What’s involved in selling a house?

Selling a house involves a lot if processes – the exchange of contracts, title deeds, stamp duty, and so much more. This is a process known as conveyancing. How long does conveyancing take? It depends on the solicitor or licensed conveyancer involved, but it can be a lengthy process. That’s why it pays to deal with a business that can handle it all in house.

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You can have the process handled either by a solicitor or a licensed conveyancer – they are not the same thing. A solicitor is recognised by the law society of England and Wales, or the relevant law society of the country in which they practice. A licensed conveyancer on the other hand, can offer their services as a part of another package – such as estate agency.

What does this mean for you?

The takeaway from this for you is that no, you don’t have to have a solicitor involved to sell your property. If the estate agency or house-buying business you’re selling your property to is licensed to handle conveyancing, they can handle the sale for you. This is beneficial, because it can help you to avoid the potentially costly legal fees involved with a solicitor’s services.

This is why UK Property Cash Buyers can help you – we’re able to offer you a great house price, and with the offer accepted we can handle all the complexity of the sale on your behalf. You don’t need to worry about steep agent fees or legal fees – we make it easy. Contact UK Property Cash Buyers today, to get a great price for your property.

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