Do I need a completion certificate to sell my house?

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22nd September 2020

Do I need a completion certificate to sell my house - UK Property Cash Buyers

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Do I need a completion certificate to sell my house?

A completion certificate is issued when any building work done in your property is inspected and approved by professional building control surveyors. This is something any potential buyer is going to looking out for when you come to sell your house. To obtain this certificate, the inspector needs to be notified before the works start, so they can inspect before and after the works have been done. So, let’s tackle the question, “Do I need a completion certificate to sell my house?”. Although you can sell your home without a completion certificate, you may not get as much for it. To learn more about building regulation completion certificates, continue reading.

What is a completion certificate?

Your home will be given a completion certificate when a qualified inspector approves any building work that has been done. It will only be issued if the surveyor is happy that the work has been done in line with the building regulations. They will assess things such as the floors, roof structure, foundations of the property, fire safety, structural stability, and drainage. If the local council finds that your home doesn’t meet the building regulations, they could take enforcement action against you. This could involve the work being altered or even removed which can be very costly.

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Why are they important?

Completion certificates are important when it comes to selling to your home because without one you could deter potential buyers. Also, mortgage lenders must be notified if the property doesn’t have a certificate, which brings in an element of risk. Without a building regulations certificate, building insurance may also be invalid.

What to do if you don’t have one?

There are some works which don’t have a completion certificate, including those with work that was carried out before the certificates were introduced in the 1990s. To get around this issue, you can obtain building regulation indemnity insurance. This pays out in the event that the works were not carried out properly. The price of this policy is linked to the price of your home.

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