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Assisted House Sale – An Easy Property Sale



Assisted House Sale – An Easy Property Sale

At UK Property Cash Buyers, we do all the leg work for you by helping you find a genuine cash buyer. If you’re looking for an assisted sale this means no hassle, no stress and no time wasters. This is our main aim when you need a fast house sale. The whole process usually takes just 7 days and means you can sell your property in the simplest way possible. We take on all mortgage payments, liabilities and other payments regarding the property until we sell it for you to one of our approved cash buyers. We only work with the most genuine and honest cash buyers so you can rest assured you are in great hands. Our cutting-edge service takes all the stress and hard work away from you when selling your property or looking for an assisted property sale. Instead, you can leave it to us to find a cash buyer and handle it all. Even better, you will walk away with the best price possible for your property!

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One of the most popular products we offer when helping you to sell fast is our innovative assisted sales productThis is a very popular way for vendors to sell their homes through us as it allows you to get the maximum price possible for it.

Is the scheme available on all properties?

Yes. It is usually best for properties with a mortgage ranging from 50% to 90% of the value. As we operate based on capital return.

Selling a house fast – the easy way

If you choose this option when selling your property, we are sure you will love it. Not only do you have less hassle and work to do yourself but you will get a better price for it too.

Are there any hidden fees?

Here at UK Property Cash Buyers, we charge no additional or hidden fees for this service. Simply call or fill in the form online today. Our service is 100% free with absolutely no hidden fees or commission.

But how can UK PCB pay more when you go an assisted sale?

It all comes down to the return on capital. Rather than use our own funds for buying the property, we keep the current lending agreement in place and pay you the difference. This is a great deal for us too as it reduces the cash we need to invest in the property as a business. Although the profit we stand to make on any given sale is less than a cash purchase, our return is actually better as we have invested less of our own cash to begin with. This means a higher offer to you for your property.

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